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  • Backed by a two year limited warranty, the overhead feature is perfect for in-cage use to protect against balls coming down from above. Great for Left or right handed throwers as the overhead can be removed and rotated to the correct orientation. Perfect for those organizations with both baseball and softball teams. This screen was designed to find the perfect blend of durability and portability while maximizing protection. The 1 ⅝”  industrial grade galvanized steel frame and #60 gauge nylon double layered pillowcase netting is built to withstand the constant abuse of a commercial training facility or organization. Match your team’s colors, reduce batted ball ricochet, and protect the life of your netting with heavy duty foam and vinyl padding. Add a wheel kit for ease of transportation around the facility!


    Padding Colors:  Orange, Purple ,Yellow, Red, Royal, Navy, Black, Columbia Blue, Dark Green, Green, Maroon

    Call to order this product:  515-238-3776

  • Stabilizer


    Soil moisture research has uncovered that the ideal playing surface requires 4-12% moisture to achieve natural binding for shear and load bearing strength required by the athlete.  Simply put the ideal playing surface has a DAMP SOIL CONSISTENCY.  Stabilizer Water Binding Technology keeps your field's ideal moisture content window open longer.  It binds water and soil particles, maintaining stability during rain and releasing moisture into the soil when dry, providing a damp soil consistency longer. Call to Order!  515-238-3776

  • Hilltopper Mound and Home Plate clay is the most convenient product on the market!   Hilltopper Waterless Technology replaces needed moisture content with patented technology which makes the product ready to use right out of the bag!   Call to Order!  515-238-3776

  • A manufactured blend of clay and interlocking soil particles stabilized against moisture, all at a great price!  No longer will your mound turn to mud.  This stabilized mound clay is designed to manage moisture for you, it remains stable during rain events and holds onto water longer in dry periods!  Ballyard Clay is ready to pack out of the bag, so you don’t have to sacrifice player performance for time and budget. Call to Order!  515-238-3776

  • All-Star L-Screen

    From: $132.95


    All-Star level #96 Netting

    Heavy-Duty 4.0mm thread knotted pillowcase style net

    Heavy-Duty 2" galvanized steel frame

    Heavy-Duty wheel kit with no-flat turf protecting tires

    Heavy-Duty fabric wrapped foam hip protector attaches with sewn Velcro Strips

  • Pro Red gives you stabilized surface performance for every aspect of your game.  Originally designed on insights from professional multi-field complexes, this mix has been enhanced over years of use.  Pro Red's engineered particle size, fuses the right amount of sand, silt and clay to provide load bearing and shear strength reinforcement that your athlete needs.  Pro Red's Stabilizer Water Binding Technology keeps your field’s ideal moisture content window open longer.  When other fields are rained out, you will be playing faster. Call to Order!  515-238-3776

  • 7' x 5'

    All-Star level #96 Netting

    Heavy-Duty 4.0mm thread knotted pillowcase style net

    Heavy-Duty 2″ galvanized steel frame

    Heavy-Duty wheel kit with no-flat turf protecting tires

    Heavy-Duty fabric wrapped foam encases entire frame

  • "Ballyard Brown" was created through a collaborative effort with two professional groundskeepers.  Engineered with a high Ballyard Clay content for the greater load bearing and shear strength demands of higher levels of play and enhanced with Stabilizer Water Binding Technology to minimize downtime and reduce maintenance.  Because of the unique particle size, this mix can be used as an amendment to add clay content, coarse sand content, and Stabilizer to existing infields without creating a layering effect. Call to Order!  515-238-3776

  • All-Star level #96 Netting

    Heavy-Duty 4.0mm thread knotted pillowcase style net

    Heavy-Duty 2″ galvanized steel frame

    Heavy-Duty wheel kit with no-flat turf protecting tires

  • Each warning track material is selected for its combination of structural support and appearance.  These materials go through a stringent crushing and screening process resulting in a good balance of sand, silt, and clay.  New options available provide you with unprecedented choice over color and surface feel (fine or coarse).  Every option is available mechanically blended with Stabilizer water binding technology. Call to Order!  515-238-3776
  • This L-Screen is oversized for maximum protection!

    With heavy wall aluminum (or steel) construction, it is great for your indoor or outdoor team practices at the high school, college, and pro level.

    The slip-over pillow case nylon net is easy to install.  10" no flat tires, the L-Screen is very easy transporting from storage to on field activities!

  • The Professional Base / Fungo screens are larger in size to accommodate collegiate and professional players.  Frame and wheel assemblies are welded for durability.

    Netting is fabricated in pillow case style that slip over frames.  Lacing is only required at the bottom to close the net.  Wheel Kit included.

    10' x 10' and 8' x 8' sizes available.

  • Pro Mini L-Screen

    From: $155.95

    Your team will be able to hold batting practice anytime they desire with this Mini L Screen.

    This is the perfect solution for on field BP.  5W x 7'H unit is made of heavy-wall, schedule-40 aluminum tubing.

    Includes 3mm pillowcase-style weather-treated net.

    Transports easily on 10" diameter x 4" thick no-flat tires.

    Free padding on "throwing zone" for additional safety.

  • This 8' x 8' screen will protect your players during on field batting practice.

    Easy slip on (pillow case) style net is 2.5MM twisted knotted polyethylene is made to last!

    Optional wheel kit has 6" poly wheels with steel brackets.

  • Collegiate L-Screen

    From: $115.95

    Collegiate Pitchers Protector keeps your pitcher safer during batting practice.

    Protector is  7'H x 7'W with a cutout is of 3½' x 3½'.

    The frame is covered with weather-proof, heavy-duty 2.5mm twisted and knotted polyethylene slip-on (pillowcase) netting.

    Optional wheel kit comes with 6" poly wheels and steel brackets.

  • This Softball Pitchers Protector is a must have for your practice.  You can throw from either side, right or left.

    The net is 2.5MM twisted knotted polyethylene slip-on pillow case style net which slides easily over the frame.

    Optional wheel kit comes with 6" poly wheels and steel brackets.

  • The Collegiate Sock Net with Frame is made for both pitching and batting drills.

     7'H x7"W protective screen featuring a 42" sq. sock.

    Optional Wheel Kit comes with 6" poly wheels and steel brackets.

  • 6'6" x 4'L Heavy Duty Drag with 3/8" x .050 galvanized steel mesh.

    Includes heavy duty angle iron across front of mat and a heavy duty chain for tractor pulling.

  • The All-Steel Drag Mat is the workhorse that keeps your playing field looking its best.

    Perfect for general grooming and maintenance

    Mesh material is 3/8" x .050 galvanized steel.  Comes complete with a drag bar and rope.

  • This nail drag does the tough work!

    Heavy-duty steel frame. Nail spikes are 6"long. Wheels, chain, and transport tongue included.

  • Cocoa Mat Drags

    From: $175.95

    The secret weapon for professional groundskeepers!

    Natural cocoa fibers "float" across the surface producing a beautiful finish with minimal movement and build up of your infield mix.

    Unlike steel drags, cocoa mats drastically reduce the accumulation of dirt when you're finished.

  • Field Rakes

    From: $49.95

    Available in 3 head widths!

    All-Aluminum construction 66″ long heavy-duty powder-coated handle head with large teeth on one side and a rugged leveling blade on the other.

  • Pro-Lute Rake

    From: $75.95

    This Lute Rake is much lighter than traditional field rakes due to the magnesium blades!

    The extra long 6' handle and light weight makes this rake a favorite among the pros.

    Blade features sharp teeth on one side and a leveling edge on the other.

  • One side features a row of short, pointy scarifier teeth, while the other side sports longer landscaping teeth.

  • These lightweight, easy to use grooming tools can be pulled or pushed, creating a manicured professional appearance!

  • Finishing Mops

    From: $179.95

    Designed for those small areas that are nearly impossible to finish grooming.

    Great for mounds, infield edges, base paths, on-deck circles and any other cutouts.

    Available in your choice of either a high quality cocoa mat or heavy-duty flexible steel mat.

  • The most durable tamp available!

    Finishing size is great for around the pitching rubber and mound.

    Heavy-duty welded all steel construction with thick base plate.

  • 1" I.D. heavy-duty clear hose is used by top level facilities throughout the country!

    Handles 150psi operating pressure and 600 lb. burst pressure

  • Distance Banners

    From: $96.95

    Outfield distant markers are printed digitally with 14oz reinforced vinyl fabric

    Available with numerals and background colors of your choice

    Specify Distance when ordering

  • Pro Spray Nozzles

    From: $90.95

    BPN24:  Sprays straight, narrow stream or fan pattern.  1" NPSH nozzle handles 10-24 GPM

    BPN35:  Creates a wide fog or straight stream of water.  1" NPSH nozzle handles 35 GPM

    BPN60:  High-Volume nozzle  provides 60 GPM for heavy watering of turf or infields.  Additional settings gives versatility to crate stream or fog @ 20 GPM.