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  • Field Rakes

    From: $49.95

    Available in 3 head widths!

    All-Aluminum construction 66″ long heavy-duty powder-coated handle head with large teeth on one side and a rugged leveling blade on the other.

  • Pro-Lute Rake

    From: $75.95

    This Lute Rake is much lighter than traditional field rakes due to the magnesium blades!

    The extra long 6' handle and light weight makes this rake a favorite among the pros.

    Blade features sharp teeth on one side and a leveling edge on the other.

  • One side features a row of short, pointy scarifier teeth, while the other side sports longer landscaping teeth.

  • These lightweight, easy to use grooming tools can be pulled or pushed, creating a manicured professional appearance!

  • Finishing Mops

    From: $179.95

    Designed for those small areas that are nearly impossible to finish grooming.

    Great for mounds, infield edges, base paths, on-deck circles and any other cutouts.

    Available in your choice of either a high quality cocoa mat or heavy-duty flexible steel mat.

  • The most durable tamp available!

    Finishing size is great for around the pitching rubber and mound.

    Heavy-duty welded all steel construction with thick base plate.

  • 1" I.D. heavy-duty clear hose is used by top level facilities throughout the country!

    Handles 150psi operating pressure and 600 lb. burst pressure

  • Pro Spray Nozzles

    From: $90.95

    BPN24:  Sprays straight, narrow stream or fan pattern.  1" NPSH nozzle handles 10-24 GPM

    BPN35:  Creates a wide fog or straight stream of water.  1" NPSH nozzle handles 35 GPM

    BPN60:  High-Volume nozzle  provides 60 GPM for heavy watering of turf or infields.  Additional settings gives versatility to crate stream or fog @ 20 GPM.

  • Has a smooth reel that lets you pull out as much hose as needed, then easily winds back.

    Holds up to 200' of 1" hose.

    Low center of gravity prevents tipping.

  • Provides superior appearance and protection on the top of chain link and outfield fences.

    2" thick foam is encased in 18 ox vinyl with grommets for attachment.

    Price is per 6′ section.

    Multiple colors available

  • 5-year limited warranty!

    Protect against injuries and increase visibility while adding beauty to your field!

    UV-resistant polyethylene construction that is maintenance free.

    Sold in boxes of 10 - each 8'L x 3"W x 4"H (80 Linear feet per box).

  • Installed over your chain link fence adds safety and reduces player injury.

    Manufactured with the thickest wall creating unequaled durability and UV protection.

    Multiple colors available.

  • Home Plate Halo Kit

    From: $102.95

    Easy to install multi-section "puzzle" style design.

    Only the outside edges need trimmed or tucked.

    Available in both 5' and 10' widths.

    Call to Order!  515-238-3776