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    Soil moisture research has uncovered that the ideal playing surface requires 4-12% moisture to achieve natural binding for shear and load bearing strength required by the athlete.  Simply put the ideal playing surface has a DAMP SOIL CONSISTENCY.  Stabilizer Water Binding Technology keeps your field's ideal moisture content window open longer.  It binds water and soil particles, maintaining stability during rain and releasing moisture into the soil when dry, providing a damp soil consistency longer. Call to Order!  515-238-3776

  • Hilltopper Mound and Home Plate clay is the most convenient product on the market!   Hilltopper Waterless Technology replaces needed moisture content with patented technology which makes the product ready to use right out of the bag!   Call to Order!  515-238-3776

  • A manufactured blend of clay and interlocking soil particles stabilized against moisture, all at a great price!  No longer will your mound turn to mud.  This stabilized mound clay is designed to manage moisture for you, it remains stable during rain events and holds onto water longer in dry periods!  Ballyard Clay is ready to pack out of the bag, so you don’t have to sacrifice player performance for time and budget. Call to Order!  515-238-3776

  • Pro Red gives you stabilized surface performance for every aspect of your game.  Originally designed on insights from professional multi-field complexes, this mix has been enhanced over years of use.  Pro Red's engineered particle size, fuses the right amount of sand, silt and clay to provide load bearing and shear strength reinforcement that your athlete needs.  Pro Red's Stabilizer Water Binding Technology keeps your field’s ideal moisture content window open longer.  When other fields are rained out, you will be playing faster. Call to Order!  515-238-3776

  • "Ballyard Brown" was created through a collaborative effort with two professional groundskeepers.  Engineered with a high Ballyard Clay content for the greater load bearing and shear strength demands of higher levels of play and enhanced with Stabilizer Water Binding Technology to minimize downtime and reduce maintenance.  Because of the unique particle size, this mix can be used as an amendment to add clay content, coarse sand content, and Stabilizer to existing infields without creating a layering effect. Call to Order!  515-238-3776

  • Each warning track material is selected for its combination of structural support and appearance.  These materials go through a stringent crushing and screening process resulting in a good balance of sand, silt, and clay.  New options available provide you with unprecedented choice over color and surface feel (fine or coarse).  Every option is available mechanically blended with Stabilizer water binding technology. Call to Order!  515-238-3776