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  • - Practice with a real line of sight.  The Designated Hitter creates gives the figure of a batter for more realistic bullpen sessions. - Can be used indoors or outdoors. - Simulate either right or left handed batters. - For both baseball and softball. - Learn to pitch on the inside corner which is simulated by the orange string that attaches to the elbow. - Pro model stands 5'9" tall.  Youth model stands 5'2" tall. - Durable construction won't break. - Beveled edges reduce pitch deflections for greater safety. - Available in blue, red, or gray. - Portable and easy to transport.
  • Overall measurements:  46"H x 36"W

    Target zone measurements:  42"H x 36"W

    Constructed of a heavy-duty 2" steel frame with push-button assembly

    Heavy-Duty knotless netting with 9 pockets

    Vinyl padding with yellow target zone sewn in the border

  • 9 Pocket Strike Zone is designed for specific pitching location.

    Made in the USA!

  • The Quad Pitchers Pocket is a great training device for pitchers.

    Actual size of the strike zone so pitchers can isolate pitches into 4 quadrants

    Strike Zone area is 3'Tall x 2'Wide

  • The Strike Zone is a great tool for not only pitching but also for position players who are working on placement throws.

    Made in the USA!

    • 100% Nylon

    • Sureback Foam Technology

    • Made with Inlaid 4" White Tufted Power Line

    • Regulation Size Pitching Rubber included

    • Mat Size: 3' x 10'

    • Portable & easily rolled up and moved

    • Spike-Proof

    • Approved for Indoor & Outdoor Use

    • 100% Nylon

    • 5mm Foam Action Backing

    • Heavy-Duty Design

    • Mat Size: 12'x12'

    • Portable & Easily Rolled Up

    • Spike-Proof Green Turf

    • Approved for Indoor & Outdoor Use