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  • AZ-Sandlot

    The AZ-Backyard mound is perfect for your son to get extra reps away from practice!  Ideal for pitching in the backyard.  Fiberglass shell, covered in turf.  Only weights 75 lbs, so mound is very portable! Call to Order!  515-865-5046
  • - Made of high density foam and rubberized armor. - Skid-proof bottom; will not damage gym floors. - Combination of the foam core and the rubber armor allows the mound to be lightweight and strong. - Turf is spike-resistant (Available in Green or Clay) - Mound Dimensions: 9'L x 5'W x 10"H - Weight: 140 lbs. Call for Pricing and to Order!  515-238-3776
  • Mound has movable pieces that allow the width of the mound to increase up to 6' wide - Artificial turf covering is safe for cleats (Available Clay or Green) - Pitching mound is lightweight with high strength construction - Safe for outdoor-indoor play - Custom interlocking system for stability - Non-slip bottom - Easier to store a 2 piece, then one-piece pitching mounds - Size 4'W x 9'L x 10'H Call to Order!  515-238-3776
  • - Skid proof bottom - Pitching mound is safe for gym floors. - Built strong and also easy to move - Spike-resistant turf (Available in Green or Clay) - Made of rubberized armor - Built in handles for easy moving - Dimensions: 9'L x 4'W x 10"H - Weight: 126 lbs Call to Order!  515-238-3776
  • - Made of high-density foam and rubberized armor. - Portable, durable and lightweight. - Innovative skid-proof bottom; will not damage gym floors. - Includes a regulation size pitching rubber attached to every mound. - Combination of the foam core and the rubber armor allows the pitching mound to be both lightweight and strong. - Can be used by left-handed and right-handed pitchers. - Spike-resistant turf. Call to Order!  515-238-3776
  • The ProModel Portable Pitching Platform is made of reinforced aluminum and is manufactured with spike-resistant turf. The ProModel has wheels for easy transport so you can now protect your field during batting practice. It also includes welded aluminum handles for easy portability. - Protects your field during batting practice. - Covered in a durable, spike-resistant turf - Wheels and handles for easy transport. - This practice mound is even used by Minor and Major League teams. - Mound Dimensions: 8'L x 4.5'W x 6"H - Mound Weight: 125 lbs Call to Order!  515-238-3776
  • This pitching platform has pegs built in that easily adjust up or down, according to your own level of play.  Lightweight and portable collegiate pitching platform, perfect for all ages. - Welded aluminum frame with and inset plywood base. - Not for use with metal spikes. - Built-in wheels are included for easy moving. Call to Order!  515-238-3776